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Hair Thinning? Receive a Free Laser Session Today!

Hair is one of the first things that people notice when making a first impression. Unfortunately, thinning and receding hair can be devastating to a person’s self-confidence. With Laser Med Solutions’ advances in the hair restoration industry, you no longer have to resort to obvious comb-overs and permanent hat hair.


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Arizona’s Premier Hair Restoration Technology

Laser Med Solutions is the only hair restoration clinic in Arizona that uses FDA approved MEP-90 lasers to prevent and treat hair loss. This Hair Growth Stimulation System has helped over 97% of participants achieve measurable new hair growth in as little as three weeks, making this advanced hair restoration laser one of the most effective solutions available.

What Makes Us Great

  • Only clinic in Arizona that uses FDA approved MEP 90 lasers
  • Only clinic that guarantees results
  • Offers in-home treatments
  • Free consultation and evaluation